A perfect blend of traditional and modern cultures, a place enriched with flamboyant castles, palaces, and shrines, Japan is one of the most exciting and must-see destinations. The natural wonders and adventurous spots surpass every other place of the world. There are infinite places and activities in Japan, which are hard to overlook. Amidst innumerable spots, visit these top five places of Japan to add an enduring and peculiar experience to your life:

Aogashoma Island, Tokyo

This island can be best visited via helicopter. Just 160 people reside in this island with almost everyone having the same surnames. It hardly takes 20 minutes via helicopter to reach this place. Its residents use special steam pots for cooking purposes and the sulfur whiff can be felt in the air. This isolated island is a great place that is rich in nature and just ineffable.  You can also consider visiting Kyoto Japan, which was once the capital of the country. There are many vacation homes, hotels and resorts that can make your stay here the best experience.

Mount Koya or Koyasan

Koyason is a beautiful place surrounded by peaks and forests. This site is the most significant and highly prevalent in Shingon Buddhism. Tourists can stay overnight in temple lodging, experience a monk’s life there, and attend the morning hymns. This place adds a fascinating experience to your trip with several things to explore.

Miyajima Shrine and Hiroshima Castle

This place is internationally famous because of atomic war. Hiroshima encases various wonders within it. Its Miyajima Shrine is well known and sunset over there is another wonder. With great hope, patience, and ingenuity, this place has picked up itself from the harm of atomic attacks. Although Hiroshima Castle faced immense destruction with atomic bomb hits, over the years its restoration has again made it a place worth visiting.

Fukiware Falls, Gunma

Waterfalls always give a pleasing delight irrespective of its location. Fukiware Falls is somewhat different from others. The ravishing view of water cascading down and the river pouring over the rocks is completely eye-soothing. The sight of Katashina River and Waterfalls can be enjoyed on the walking paths. Every year, over one million people visit this place and enjoy the spectacular sight of the stream tumbling down.

Rebun Island, Hokkaido

Rebun Island is an inseparable part of National Park, Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu. Rebun Island links to hiking trails and has a stunning emerald green color view. The alpine flowers here capture all the attention by unfurling their beauty in the entire island. You need to take a ferry from Risgiri or Wakkanai to reach the place. The mountain plant edelweiss is spread across the entire island with its unending magic and wonderful beauty.

These highlights of lovely gardens, waterfalls, islands, castles, mountain sceneries, and many more are highly impressive. Plan your tour and visit these superb spots in Japan.