5 affordable instant download art prints for your kitchen

Kitchen Art (1)

Hanging art instantly adds personality to a space. My preference is a few large, statement pieces, which leads to me agonizing over finding that “perfect piece.”

Recently, I’ve discovered the easy joy of downloadable art prints. I use Etsy to find a piece that I love, I pay to download the file, and then I send it to a local print shop to get it printed for a few bucks. The trick is to make sure your Etsy selection is labelled as a a printable or an instant download before you buy it. (You aren’t paying to have a physical print delivered.)

I like this way of adding art to my walls because its inexpensive, I can print it in almost any size, and I am paying (and can interact with) the artist directly.

I found some kitchen art prints on Etsy that are on point for my preferred kitchen vibe. They are all typography-based (because that’s my jam), but there’s a huge variety of styles available on Etsy. My picks below range from $5 to $7 CAD.


Inexpensive downloadable kitchen art from Etsy

This sweet and simple print from Limitation Free adds a fun touch to a kitchen. You could print it small and hang it between your counter and upper cupboards, or print it poster-size and hang it above your table. About $7 CAD.


Hangry Definition Print

This awesome print from PxlNEST on Etsy tells the truth. About $7 CAD.


Dancing Print

How darling is this whimsical art print from from WishfulPrinting on Etsy? And yes, my kitchen does frequently host dance parties. (Often of the music-blaring, solo dancing variety.) About $5 CAD.


Kitchen Print

I bought this verb-erific print from WallThreads on Etsy, just in case I forget what I’m doing in the kitchen and need reminded. About $7 CAD.


Tasty Print

This one is my personal favourite, mainly because I’ve always been fascinated with the word “umami.” Really, who throws around a word like that to describe their soup?  This tasty print is also from WallThreads. (I bought it and I LOVE it.) About $7 CAD.

What do you think? Would you add any of these prints to your kitchen walls? Have any other kitchen art recommendations?

PS. None of these are affiliate links. I just like these prints and wanted to share my finds. If you also like a print, you can buy and download it instantly from the Etsy artist. Also- some shops have sales, so watch out for promo codes if you’re planning on ordering a bunch. 

…And I’m back!

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My real-life friends have almost stopped inquiring when I’m posting a new recipe, although I’m still running into acquaintances who ask, “Aren’t you doing some kind of food blog thing? How is it going?” To which I sheepishly mumble something vaguely coherent while averting eye contact. Continue reading

Strawberry & Lime Sparkler

SparklingStrawberry4This Strawberry and Lime Sparkler is a light and refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

It is a thirst quencher that is perfect for sipping by the pool or on a warm summer evening.

This virgin drink  is made with fresh strawberries, muddled with a spoonful of raw honey and a generous squeeze of lime. Add ice and sparkling water; sit back and enjoy.

Does summer get any better this?
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VIDEO: Grocery Store Tour

The first trip to the grocery store after switching to clean eating can be a little daunting.

I was recently speaking with a friend who is making major dietary changes at the recommendation of her doctor. Her eyes widened as she told me how lost she felt at the grocery store.

After our conversation, I remembered how totally overwhelmed I felt as I initially navigated the grocery store after committing to clean eating.

To make things easier at the grocery store, I just posted an awesome clean eating grocery list. You can get your free copy here.

And then I took that awesome list to the grocery store with me and made a video. I made it to show you how I shop for groceries and keep my pantry stocked for clean eating.

A MASSIVE thanks to my ever patient friend Samantha who filmed this whole video for me. Seriously, she is the epitome of patience.

(I’d love to know what you think…please leave me a comment!)