Dairy-Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk Made with Coconut MilkThis dairy-free sweetened condensed milk is made from coconut milk and honey.

It is simple to make and can be used as a direct replacement for regular sweetened condensed milk in baking recipes.

Recipe below.

A great thing happened the other day. My cousin (we’ll call her Lynda) flew in from Europe. And she is writing a cookbook. And the deadline for the finished draft of her cookbook is in 17 days. And she had looooots of recipe testing to do.

So here’s the first great part…. we spent the day in the kitchen together, cooking. How often do you get to spend the day with your living-on-a-different-continent, writing-a-cookbook, super-cool-and-chic cousin? Like never.

Now here’s the little niggly catch. Lynda’s entire cookbook is about avocados. The. Entire. Book. (And, oh yeah- I despise avocados.) So I learnt a lot about avocados and even started to learn to love them. Lynda will convert me yet. We tried many recipes and I was soooo excited to share the finished results with you. I took lots of beautiful pictures that I was super proud of and couldn’t wait to share.

And then we sat down to taste test. And, um- ew. We had some serious flops. Because that is what happens with recipe testing.

And, so dear readers, I just couldn’t share them with you. I can’t do that to you. You deserve better.

So instead, I’m going to share the one golden nugget of the day. This is a game-changer. It made all the avocado peeling, avocado mashing, and avocado tasting worthwhile. And….. it has nothing to do with avocados! (Audible sigh of relief….)

Here it is: A cleaned up version of sweetened condensed milk- made from coconut milk and honey! I had some stellar baking recipes from childhood that call for sweetened condensed milk but I couldn’t figure out how to work around the sweetened condensed milk to meet my dairy-free, sugar-free clean eating criteria.

And then Lynda arrived with this little golden nugget of wisdom tucked in her recipe testing notebook and opened up a world of baking possibilities!

Dairy-Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

  • Servings: 1 1/4 cup
  • Time: 1 hr 15 mins
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print

1 can coconut milk
1/4 cup honey (raw is best)

In a small saucepan, bring coconut milk and honey to boil, whisking constantly. Continue whisking rapidly and allow the mixture to boil for 5 minutes. Do not allow the mixture to burn- turn down heat slightly if needed. Keep whisking!

After 5 minutes of boiling, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 45 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.  The finished result should be very thick and creamy. It will thicken slightly as it cools. 


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