A Brand New Look!

A Brand New LookHappy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a great long weekend. I had a jam-packed weekend and am half-grateful to slide into the rhythm of a weekday. (Even if it is a Monday.)

Sooooo….let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Things look a little different around here. You have probably noticed that I’ve re-decorated a little.

I could hardly, hardly wait for the great reveal of my new blog design.

The changes have been in the works for weeks but there was so much behind-the-scenes work to do that my reveal date kept getting postponed.

The most exciting part was when I found the lovely Stevie Ann Clark on Etsy- who designed my super awesome new logo. Honestly, I cannot say enough about her talent and professionalism. I was starting to give up on ever finding a logo or color scheme when I stumbled across her adorable Etsy store and instantly knew I had found “the one.” So thank you, thank you, thank you to Stevie Ann Clark.

Okay…let’s talk about what’s in my re-design for you, dear readers.

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the blog easier for you to use. Specifically, I wanted to make it easier for you to find my recipes and to navigate through my organization articles. So, if you check out my “Recipes” up above (it’s in the Food section) and also my Organization series you should find some big differences. (I hope!)

Admittedly, there is still a little dusting to be done in some of the corners of the blog, but I am SO excited about what I’ve been able to transform so far.

One last thing… I sent out my first official newsletter yesterday evening! I had so much fun putting it together and giving my subscribers the first view of my changes around here. Also, I sent them all a secret recipe (one of my favs!).

If you missed out, you can subscribe to my newsletter here. I send it out the first Sunday of every month. It’s short and sweet, with the latest news and a secret recipe. Subscribe here. (You’re gonna love it- promise!)


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