Q&A: Economical Clean Eating Substitutions

Economical Clean Eating SubstitutionsOne of the challenges of clean eating is covering the cost of “real food.”

It is a bit ironic that it can actually be more expensive to eat whole, unprocessed foods that to buy prepared, readymade foods.

I think you’ll appreciate today’s question as much as I did:

Q. I find it very expensive to keep up  clean eating for my whole family. Do you have any economical ingredient ideas I can try?

A. Yes, absolutely! Here are a few easy and cost-effective substitutions I often make in my cooking:

  1. Use red onions instead of shallots
  2. Use olive oil instead of grapeseed, avocado or pumpkin seed oil
  3. Use plain yogurt instead of sour cream (cheaper AND healthier!)
  4. Use frozen green beans when fresh green beans are not in season
  5. Use frozen spinach instead of fresh- just thaw and drain
  6. Use apple juice instead of wine. Or dilute apple cider vinegar in water and use instead of wine.

Can anyone else share what economical substitutions work for them? We would all love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Q&A: Economical Clean Eating Substitutions

    • Lauren says:

      Love it! I had the best of intentions to do that- thanks for the reminder.

      I’ve heard lots of praise for how healthy bone broth is and even found an overnight slow cooker recipe for it. Now I need to go try it!


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