8 Best Locking Gels for Dreads in 2022

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Culture and heritage, an integral part of what comprises a certain set of rules and fashion that is adopted and followed for decades and lifetimes by the foregoing generations. One of the highly followed cultural aspects that require the people to maintain the heritage besides food, and ornamental practices, is the way you present yourself, and the hairstyles.

Amongst the maintenance of these heritage values, the presentation of oneself had been the most prominent and evident way of depicting a culture, in which the hairstyle of an individual spoke the most about their cultures.

In this article, we would like to enlighten the importance and the roots of one of the most favored cultural appropriation topics which is ‘dreadlocks’ – a type of hairstyle where rope-like hair strands are formed which is similar to braids but is a completely different topic.

Be it different types of braids, or maintaining the most difficult dreadlocks, people have never backed down from the chance of representing their ancestral heritage when it came to hairstyles and body modifications.

Top 8 Best Locking Gels for Dreads:

1. Bronner Brothers Tropical Roots Firm Locking Gel

Locking Gel

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 This Gel contains Vitamin B-12 which is very good for hair nourishment, it can be used on braids as well as dreadlocks. It absorbs into the scalp quickly, therefore you don’t have to sit under the fan or worry about spending time to let the gel dry or get absorbed properly.

Besides these merits, this gel has a very nice fragrance which makes it a worthy choice for your hair care routine and proves why it is the best selling product in the market.

2. Jamaican Mango & Lime, Locking Firm Hair Wax Extra Hold With Real Beeswax & Honey

Locking Firm Hair Wax

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It has been supervised and preferred greatly by the dreadlock community in jamaica, and since it has a creamy consistency, it proves to be very good for people who are getting started with dreadlocks since it won’t allow the twisted locs to untwist or create a fuzz.

Its consistency allows it to be used on all types of hair which eliminates the need for you to search for a product that suits your hair type.

It eliminates the chance of buildup because it lacks flakiness which is certainly an important aspect you should look out for when buying products like this. Even small amounts of this product when applied result in satisfactory outcomes.

3. Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Lock It Up Tight Hold

Lock It Up Tight Hold

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 This gel makes use of ingredients that are all-natural and cruelty-free. These ingredients nourish the scalp and provide it with the required nutrition for better healthier hair growth.

It provides the hair with moisture which makes the locs look shiny and ingredients like yarrow root, Indian hemp extract, and rosemary enhance the hair growth and better conditioning of the locs that are formed.

4. Genuine African Formulas Hair Gel with Ilios Comb Bundle

Hair Gel

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 This gel has a very thick formula which makes it the most unique product and gives the product an edge over his competitions in the market. You can make very little use of this product which will be sufficient for your entire head of hair.

It has a very strong hold, therefore, frizziness and untwisting of your dreads is out of bounds. Even though it is a very thick formula the gel is very malleable which eliminates the chances of any buildup or grossness in the scalp and dries fast.

This product also contains Biotin and Placenta extract which contributes to hair health and hair growth and promotes it thoroughly.

5. Murray’s Gel Loc-Lock

Gel Loc-Lock

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This is another popular gel-based product that is available in the market which provides the best maintenance for dreadlocks. It makes use of natural ingredients with the special involvement of olive oil as the main ingredient.

The use of olive oil in this product provides immense nourishment which is sort of refreshing for the scalp making sure your hair gets all the goodness out of it. It moisturizes your hair.

It doesn’t flake up in your hair, instead, it dries up very quickly leaving no residue behind, and due to its thick formula, it provides a very stronghold.

6. Lion Locs Firm Hold Hair Locking Dreadlock Gel Cream for Dreads

Hold Hair Locking Dreadlock Gel Cream for Dreads

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This product is known for maintaining as well as nourishing the locks you already possess. It gives them a very firm hold and absorbs fast.

Due to its fast absorption, the scalp is moisturized which leaves no place for buildups or any dandruff that may deplete your scalp health.

This product is also considered really affordable which makes it the best choice for individuals that are beginning with haircare and dreadlocks.

The ingredients used in this product are organic and 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and also include ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera leaf juice, enhanced wheat protein.

7. Stylin’ Dredz Mouldin’ Gel Wax – Loc n Twist Gel – Dreadlock Gel Wax with Tea Tree Oil

Dreadlock Gel Wax

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This is also a gel-based product that is used for the maintenance and care of dreads. It promises maximum hold for an entire day and it also claims to smoothen the scalp, making the locs look shinier and healthier.

It also has Tea tree oil as the main ingredient which is a very popular herb that is used for its nourishing, rejuvenating, and healing properties.

8. Retwisting Gel for Locs, Locking Gel – Organic Aloe and Rosewater Loc Gel For Dreads

Loc Gel For Dreads

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This product is specially made for retwisting and maintaining your frizzy locks which are in urgent need of retwisting. It does the deed without leaving any stiffness or residue behind that may cause build-up in the locs or in the scalp.

It contains ingredients like aloe vera and rosewater which are considered to have higher beneficial properties for the nourishment of the hair and the scalp

They are in this business for over 20 years and they also have other variations with different ingredient in this product which is Aloe vera and lemongrass.

What are Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks, commonly known as locs, or dreads are considered high when the topic is about cultural appropriation. They have been adopted by various religions, races, and cultures namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Africa, Australia, Rastafari, etc. It has come to a point where players from different sports categories have also contributed to the display of dreadlocks, and it has also been adopted as an integral additive in the western fashion culture.

Comparison of the same cultural aspect from older generations to the newer ones:

The deity worshipped in the Hindu culture by sadhus who practice Jata i.e Dreadlocks in Sanskrit is Lord Shiva is often depicted with dreadlocks. The Maasai warriors of ancient Africa were renowned for their long, thin, red dreadlocks and other such results and depictions throughout the decades have shown how important it is to cultural appropriation.

It has also heavily influenced the music industry where artists like Bob Marley from the oldest years of the music revolution to artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne. Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar that reside today have never backed down from representing the heritage by making use of locs as evident proof.

These artists have made sure that locs never go outdated and kept the essence of the history behind them intact for it is more than just a fashion accessory and more about the culture.

As you advance ahead with this article, you will notice how we make sure that the motive of you looking out for the best products to maintain your dreadlocks or get started with it is fulfilled satisfactorily. Maintaining dreadlocks or getting started with that can be very tricky and time-consuming.

Why is the maintenance of locs an essential procedure?

Even though dreads are suitable for all hair types, they are not as easy as tying braids. Sometimes not combing or conditioning the hair also leads to the formation of dreadlocks, but people often resort to salon treatments or getting it done from individuals who have expertise in this field of hairdressing.

Regardless of the fact that these salon treatments provide you with satisfactory results in at least getting you started with the procedure of getting dreadlocks, or guidance for maintaining the existing ones, you must also inculcate the knowledge about the right products you need for maintenance purposes.

When you adopt practices that lead to freeform dreadlocks, your hair will grow little by little every month, and that is when the need for retwisting and maintenance of the dreads will arise. This will make you lookout for the best products on the internet and the nearest haircare shops.

Making sure the products you choose to suit your hair and do not damage it is very essential and gaining knowledge about the products rather than just purchasing them off due to blind recommendations will only get you prone to making serious mistakes that can cause permanent damage to your hair or have other prolonged side effects.

What are the important aspects you should take care of while buying these products?

When you start looking out for products, you will find a plethora of gel-based products as well as wax-based products, but make sure you choose the gel-based ones always because they are absorbed by the scalp whereas the wax-based products promote buildup in your locks, which decrease the health of your locs, also making your hair look dirty.

Make sure the gel-based products you choose have nourishing ingredients like citrus elements and ingredients that favor your scalp health. A healthy and well-nourished scalp will lead to better hair growth, which will ultimately lead to healthy and thicker locks.

Check whether the products have extra holding or extra strength properties, this allows the gels to keep the locs twisted for a longer period and decrease the chances of smudging, stranding, or untwisting of the hair.

Avoid Gel based products that are flaky, make sure you check the expiry date of the products, expired products will lead to flaky consistency which will not allow the gel to be absorbed fully by the scalp. This flakiness in the scalp may lead to dandruff buildup and an unhealthy scalp.

Here are Best Locking Gel for Dreads which are preferred by people all across the globe, and have provided them with satisfactory results that have left them speechless and grateful at the same time.

These are considered some of the best locking gels for dreads in the market. If you haven’t decided on one yet, we recommend you to research more and consult more with your peers who have been in this situation before for better consultation.

If any of the products is exceeding your budget or your price range we recommend you try out the other products in the lesser price range rather than completely giving up on the idea and ignoring the hair care procedure.

If you are skeptical about any product’s authenticity, it is advisable if you make the first purchase in a very small amount. Trying out a smaller tube instead of a tub will allow you a window of trying out a better range of products over a period of time and will help you decide on that one product that suits you the best.

Some other Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are Dreadlock Extensions a Good choice?

You can make use of synthetic as well as human hair extensions. Both of these types are equally preferred by people although extensions can be very heavy making it difficult for you to style your hair according to your desired hairstyle and may even cause hair loss in some cases.

Synthetic extensions can be removed completely from the real locs while the human hair dreads can be crotched permanently into your existing locs.

You should retwist your locs every 4 weeks when you also take measures to maintain your locs by washing them. It is advisable that the beginners should practice crocheting in fake dreads first and should then move on to crocheting your roots, every 2 to 3 months. This will make sure you incur less hair damage and also make it very easy for you to master this procedure.

  1. What other sectors are to be taken care off when it’s about maintaining dreadlocks?

The maintenance of dreadlocks not only consists of making use of gel-based products on the scalp and providing the scalp with the proper treatment and nourishment, but also making use of the right shampoos, and hair wash procedures.

Even though the dreadlocks are not required to be washed regularly, that doesn’t mean you never wash your locs. Dreadlock Hairwash can be a very lengthy procedure.

It usually consists of a few steps which include soaking the locs in lukewarm water first, then lathing it with the appropriate shampoo of your choice.

After which you can wash your locs and soak them again in a solution of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. You can then clean any internal buildups that are found in the locs and get rid of them, then you can again wash your locs in lukewarm water and a final wash with shampoo will complete the entire procedure.

After drying your hair by means of wrapping a towel around it, you’ll be in a dire need of retwisting because these procedures can be very lengthy and can lead to mistakes that may result in untwisting or frizzy hair.

Retwisting your locs after a thorough wash will help in sealing the nourishment and make the locs healthier. You can make use of one of the best locking gels for dreads that we have listed in this article and the results will be satisfactory for sure.

  1. What are the favorite ways of tackling any mishappenings?

Consulting a doctor regarding the damage incurred by the improper maintenance of locs is the best call one can make. This provides the individual with an ample amount of information regarding all things they should care about and what things are better if they are avoided.

When the maintenance of the locs gets irritable it is advised that you get rid of them rather than leaving them untreated or not properly maintained because it may lead to more serious problems which can cause prolonged hair damage that can be permanent.

People often prefer shaving their heads instead of reopening the locs as it promotes a huge amount of hair loss and makes the hair very thin after reopening and untwisting the dreads.

Whereas shaving the entire head will provide you with a fresh start and will help the scalp breathe better. You can then resort to other techniques for having a better hair care routine that fits well according to your hair type.


Seeking out opinions from barbers or people who have expertise in dreadlocking techniques and procedures will provide you with better tricks and information that is suitable for the dreads you have according to your hair type.

This information can be really beneficial as it is coming from seasoned individuals and you can get the opportunity to learn and explore more in this field.