10 Best Drugstore Mascaras in 2022

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Eyes can enhance the appearance of a person dramatically. If there were to conduct a poll for the most happening eye makeup product, mascara would probably be it. It is the part of makeup that you cannot miss and goes with every look, whether gothic or glamorous.

Put on a little mascara and see the magic happening right in front of your eyes (oh wait, on your eyes). Mascara worn alone gives you a natural look. A sweep of mascara is also perfect for looking more awake after binge-watching Netflix the whole night.

Here is a better-organized list of the best drugstore mascara, which will deliver the perfect volume, length, and curls that you might be looking for. Apply the mascara most suitable for you and let the world see your eyes differently.

Top 10 Best Drugstore Mascaras:

1. essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Drugstore Mascara

Volume Mascara

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Essence lash princess sculpted volume mascara comes with a tapered fibered brush made for high definition and volume without causing globs and clumps.

Go with your day seamlessly without worrying about the mascara wearing out or fading away, making it long-lasting. The mascara keeps the lashes separated for better definition and a bold look.

Lash sculpted volume mascara is safe for everyone as it is paraben-free and gluten-free, with certification by PETA as a cruelty-free product.

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2. L’Oreal Paris Air Volume Mega Drugstore Mascara

Mascara Lightweight Mega Volume Washable

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Get a multiplying effect on the lashes with a puffed-up effect with L’Oréal Paris air volume drugstore mascaras, giving your lashes a mega volume while making the most impact.

The air volume delivered by the mascara feels as light as air on the lashes without letting you feel it. In a consumer test conducted, nearly 84% of women said the volume is as light as it can get. The lightweight volume lasts up to 24 hours.

The brush is double bristle with both short and long bristles for coating every lash in its entirety with ease.

The air volume mega mascara is smudge resistant and is considered good for sensitive eyes after being tested for allergies.

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3. wet n wild Mega Volume Drugstore Mascara

Mega Volume Mascara

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Wet n Wild mega volume mascara is equipped with a full spiral fiber brush for maximizing the volume effect. It is rich in Vitamin E that softens and moisturizes for maximum lash protection.

The mascara is waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge, and humidity-resistant. This cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and gluten-free makes it suitable for every person.

Most contact wearers worry about their eyes while finding the right mascara for themselves. Contact wearers can apply this mega volume mascara as it is tested by ophthalmologists and is declared safe.

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4. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Worth The Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Drugstore Mascara

Volumizing Lengthening Mascara

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As the name suggests, this mascara is worth the hype. It contains a tapered brush that covers every lash that will make anyone go insane.

It’s always fresh to go out-of-the-box sometimes, and when you do, it’s the mascara to go with. It comes not only in the natural black shade but also in brown and bold gemstone shades to up your mascara game and spice up your regular lash look.

The mascara from the NYX brand is certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

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5. 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara Drugstore Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof Mascara

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Quite frankly, the name says it all. No, it consists of everything you might need to know about the product.

4D silk fiber eyelash mascara is pigmented deeply to give you a bold look, bring out the beauty, and a final touch to your overall appearance.

It has got you covered in rainy, sweaty, and teary days as it is water and smudge-proof that lasts all day long.

The creamy texture of the mascara is easy to swipe on your lashes without forming clumps and flakiness. Get instantly rich, dark, and natural-looking lashes.

Are you a contact lens wearer? Or do you have sensitive skin? You might want to give this mascara a try as it has all-natural ingredients that are gentle on your eyes.

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6. COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Volume Drugstore Mascara

Clean Volume Mascara

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COVERGIRL lash blast volume mascara makes your lashes ten times more voluminous by the brush designed for longer and fuller lashes.

It is clump-proof and smudge-proof. Say goodbye to the mess that comes up while applying mascara (pun intended).

This lash puffing mascara has marula and argan oils without parabens, talc, sulfates, and mineral oils.

Do you want to do your bit for the safety of nature? It might be right for you if you do as the packaging is made up of 80% recycled paper. The product is leaping bunny certified by Cruelty-Free International to ensure no animals were included in the testing process.

7. 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Drugstore Mascara Extension Makeup Waterproof Kit Eye Lashes

yelash Mascara Extension Makeup Waterproof

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4D silk fiber eyelash mascara extension is easy to carry and wear, making your lashes sharp and charming.

It is the right stop if you want something suitable for both professional and party makeup. The mascara is kept put all day without smudging or flaking.

It has no oil blended and is anti-cold water and anti-sweat. Say goodbye to dirty makeup.

8. Maybelline New York Lash Discovery Waterproof Drugstore Mascara, Very Black 361

Waterproof Mascara

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This mascara comes with an exclusive mini brush to catch the lashes perfectly and make them more defined and long.

It is safe for use for those who wear contact lenses and have sensitive skin.

9. Urban Decay Perversion Volumizing Drugstore Mascara

Volumizing Mascara

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Perversion volumizing mascara is hyper-pigmented, giving you feathery and fanned-out lashes. The color is the purest and most intense imaginable.

The paraben-free and cruelty-free super creamy and smooth mascara never gets clumpy. It is a green signal to apply coat after coat for building up that eye volume.

The tapered mascara brush doesn’t even leave the small corner and tiny lashes and covers them entirely right from the root to the tip. It helps in giving your lashes a fuller and complete look.

Naturally, long eyelashes are something everyone craves for. Perversion mascara might help you with that, as it contains (a blend of amino acids and proteins that stimulates lash growth).

To enable the mascara to perform at its peak, it can be applied with subversion lash primer or paired with a glide-on eyeliner pencil by Urban Decay for the ultimate look.

10. Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Waterproof – Artistic Volume Drugstore Mascara, No Clump, Cruelty-Free, 0.3 fl. Oz

Artistic Volume Mascara

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There is no beauty as in France. This classic mascara can be your secret to French beauty as it provides voluminous and defined lashes with a single coat. You can build the look for fanned and thicker lashes.

The mascara is waterproof and smudge-proof with no clumps while applying. Say bonjour to the beauty that lasts the whole day.

The mascara is easy to apply with the sleek wand that leaves no lash uncovered. And, it can be easily removed with the help of waterproof makeup remover. Avoid using non-waterproof and oily makeup removers.

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret premiere mascara is not tested on animals, thus cruelty-free. And the company guarantees you 100% satisfaction.

Things to consider when buying Best Drugstore Mascaras

When it comes to mascaras, it is a product that can either make or break your whole look. It is not easy to get your hands on the top drugstore mascaras. Instead, it can take some time, and sure it will do. Everyone knows that good things take time.

Various factors come into play while putting your grubby little hands-on products. Some of them are the following:

  • Ingredients

The urge to make your lashes fuller and bolder can tempt you into making wrong decisions sometimes. Avoid such situations by checking the list of ingredients of the mascara. Avoid mascaras with synthetic preservatives, alcohol, and heavy metals in them. Natural ingredients are good for your lashes.

  • Brush quality

A well-shaped brush can do so much more than you might have anticipated. The material quality should also be good. A brush in bad shape can fail to deliver what is expected from it.

It is widely suggested by many beauty experts to use a narrow tip mascara brush. The brush with bristles of different lengths works better than the others.

The material used up in the making of the brushes is equally important. Silicone brushes are preferred mostly, as they are much less likely to cause allergies.

  • Easy to apply

Choose a mascara with a smooth texture to make it easier if you are in a hurry. Besides, thicker mascara may cause globs, leaving your eyelids stained.


If you want to have more information on mascara, you might want to look at the user reviews as they can be helpful at times.

All the mascaras mentioned above are some of the best drugstore mascaras that you can find. Each one of them has something in common or the other. What varies is the demand and usage among the people.

If you are a little tight on your budget, Wet n Wild mega volume mascara might be the best fit for you. Say goodbye to the mess in mascaras.