11 Best Colored Eyeliners in 2022

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Beauty cosmetics have gathered the advertising all over the country with its natural and high demand from common people to superstars and celebrities. The world of cosmetics shows the glamorous life on the big screen and blunt the audience with their fierce look and attitude.

The generation took the world in makeup trends and glorious glow of skin and styling the eye and face. The best colored eyeliners have their various shade to change the look of the person into majestic.


Top 11 Best Colored Eyeliners:

1. Ownest 10 Colors Liquid Glitter Eyeliner, Metallic Shimmer Glitter Eyeshadow, Long Lasting Waterproof Shimmer Sparkling Eyeliner Eye Shadow

Ownest 10 liquid eyeliner

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The liquid glitter eyeliner is long-lasting and waterproof, and the best thing about this glitter eyeliner is that it’s smudge-free. The quality of the eyeliner is advanced.

The eyeliner has vitamin b3 and glycerin extract to give lightweight to the eye. The finish type of the colored eyeliners is shimmery, glitter, and metallic.

It gives light coverage to the eye and gives an attractive look to the eye. The feature of the eyeliner is long-lasting maintenance, sparkling and water-tight, but the cons of using this eyeliner are that it makes the skin dry while peeling the eyelids and irritates a lot around the circles of an eye.

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2. DNM Liquid Glitter Eyeliner Colorful Set Gold Silver white Red Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner Liner for Eyes

best colored glitter eyeliners


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The color glitter eyeliner gives a shimmer and glitter eyeshadow pigment to the eye and is waterproof to make a go out whenever possible without the fear of eye makeup smudge.

The form of this colored eyeliner is liquid and gives a shiny look to the eye. The brand of this eyeliner is Bestland and gives light coverage.

The feature of this eyeliner is its highly pigmented, waterproof, certified cruelty-free, and vegan. It is very convenient to use and is a high-quality ingredient with creamy, shiny color which will last all day long. The cons of this eyeliner are that it may give a chemical reaction to some because of the body type.

The impact on the body may change a bit, so it’s advised to use it cautiously and carefully.

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3. 12 Assorted Colors Natural Matte Long Lasting Hypoallergenic Eyeliners Eye Makeup Soft Crayon Pencils

eyeliner pencil set

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The eyeliner pencil set is a natural matte and long-lasting makeup kit that gives your eye a soft makeup looks. The eyeliner pencil set is available in black, brown, grey, purple, pink, lavender, plum, etc.

The brand of the pencil set is Wonder X, and it gives light coverage to the face. It is advised to apply on the non-effective face as this eyeliner pencil set is very sensitive for the skin. It helps you give a designed smokey eye look which defines your face accurately.

The colored eyeliners of pencil sets are doing a lot of new designs for Halloween day, and the customer loves it too. The cons of purchasing pencil set eyeliner may cost some people in an unwanted way because it may not be useful for them as for its low pigmentation.

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4. COOSA 12 Colors Matte Colorful Liquid Eyeliner Set

colored matte liquid eyeliner set

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The COOSA 12 colorful liquid eyeliner gives a highly pigmented bright color eyeliner look. It is a highly long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner that gives a smudge-proof makeup look. The liquid pen set is designed to give your eye a new and fresh look which will stunningly glory the customer glamour life.

The brand is COOSA Beaut which is highly expensive and comes in liquid gel form. The weight of the eyeliner is 0.4 pounds and is a matte eyeliner. The eyeliner puts a dazzling look on your face and defines it completely. The cons of the eyeliner are that it should be used only on sensitive skin or may affect the other type of skin.

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5. Spdoo Colorful Eyeliner Set, Matte Liquid Eyeliner, Bright Color Eyeliners, 12 Colors Waterproof High Pigmented Neon Eye Liner Pen Set

colorful eyeliner set

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The Spdoo Color eyeliner is a bright color eyeliner that gives 24hrs straight waterproof and smudge-free liner throughout the day. It’s a pigmented neon eyeliner pen set with a high product brand. The eyeliner is in liquid form and gives light coverage to the skin. It’s a matte eyeliner, and adults can use this eyeliner range for the best glazing look.

The color of the matte eyeliner is ideal for parties, cosmetic shows, birthdays, prom nights, and dance parties. The effect of the eyeliner is long and water-tight, which gives a sparkling effect. The Cons of using this liquid eyeliner are that it’s only for adult use, and if any young use it, it may give them a burning sensation.

So, using it safely is an ideal piece of advice and keeping it away from young children.

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6. Matte Liquid Eyeliner 12 Colors Waterproof High Pigmented Colorful Matte Eye Liner Pen Set Long Lasting Makeup Eyeliner for women girl (12 PCS)

matte liquid eyeliner colorful set

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The matte liquid eyeliner has professional bright colored eyeliner, long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner. It is a liner pen set that gives a perfect eye line and makes your face stunning and full of glaze.

It is one of the best eyeliners for women. The brand of this eyeliner is UNIQUE2U, and it comes in liquid form. It gives very light coverage to the skin, and adults can use it. It has a long-lasting effect and is perfect to gift your friend.

The cons of using the matte liquid eyeliner are sometimes the product is not as shown, so buying it according to a high-rate product may work. Sometimes expired product gets sipped, and they don’t last, and the shine is low and poor.

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7. Ownest 14 Colors Eyeliner Pen Set, Pearl Eyeliner Kit Metallic Eyeliner Pencil Glitter Eyeliner for Women Eye Liner Professional Eye Makeup Set Colorful Eyeliner Eye Color

colored eyeliner pen set

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It is one of the finest eyeliner kits with metallic and pearl mixed pencil glitter eyeliner for women, which gives a professional finish to the eye and has a shiny smokey eye design. This eyeliner is in the form of a pencil, and it’s a brand of Ownest that adults can use and has 14 different colors. It is cost-effective eyeliner that comes inset.

The purpose of using this colored eyeliner is to highlight the eye, and it gives a suitable look to women for any part or wedding night. It’s waterproof and smudge-free, which blooms the aura of the women. The cons of using the eyeliner may affect the eye, so it should be used with caution.

8. 12 Kinds Of Color Eyeliner Pen, Eyebrow Pen, Eye Shadow Pencil, Lip Line Pen, Eyelid Pad, Pencil Makeup Set Tool 12PCS (Multicolor)

colored eyeliner pencils

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This eyeliner gives a shadow look to the eye, and this eyeliner is also used as a lip liner pen. The makeup tool is used both ways into the eyelids and also used as a lip liner. This eyeliner is a KAIQIKAIXI brand, and it comes in pencil form, this can be used by adults only and should be kept away from children.

The eyeliner comes in multicolor, is used in both ways, and is a cost-effective product that impresses women to buy it. It is easy to use and gives a radiant look to the eye. The cons of this color eyeliner pen are some colors may not be very smooth and can easily blend.

9. DC-BEAUTIFUL 12Pcs Lot Set 12 Colors Eyeliner Pencil Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Cosmetics with a Pencil Sharpener

beautiful lot set eyeliner pencil

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DC beautiful color eyeliner comes in 12 colors set, which gives a waterproof effect and can also be used as an eyebrow pencil. The brand it comes from is DC-beautiful, and it comes in the form of a pencil, which has very lightweight at 0.15 pounds, and the material feature is natural. Any adult can use the product but not keep it away from the children.

The DC- beautiful color eyeliner is a safe material to use and has the very stunning effect that gives to your eye. The eyeliner is multifunctional and made of high-quality material. The cons of this eyeliner are it’s not so good to use for a long time because it may affect your eye.

10. Matte Liquid Eyeliner Eyeliner Pen Waterproof Eyeliner Colorful Liquid Eyeliner Color Gel Eyeliner Waterproof Smudgeproof Long Lasting Colorful Eyeliner, Set of 12 Colors

colored liquid eyeliners set

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The matte liquid eyeliner comes in colorful liquid form and color gel form of eyeliner. It is a smudge-free and waterproof eyeliner that gives long-lasting, colorful eyeliner throughout the day. The brand of the matte liquid eyeliner is Toullgo and comes in gel form and gives a natural and stylish finish to your eye.

Any adult can use the color eyeliner but make sure you keep it away from the children. It has 12 colors and is full of radiance to give your eye. The eyeliner gives multipurpose use like eyeshadow, facial painting, glitter art on the face, etc. The cons of the matte eyeliner are using it carefully and keeping it away from children because it may give side effects.

11. Emirde 12 colors Matte Colorful Liquid Eyeliner Set, Color Gel Eyeliner, Great Versatility Liquid Eyeliner, Waterproof High Pigmented Smudgeproof Long Lasting Makeup Eyeliner Pen

12 colors liquid eyeliner set

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This matte liquid eyeliner set is a gel eyeliner that gives great versatility liquid eyeliner and comes in high pigmented and smudge-proof eyeliner. It is long last and cost-effective. The eyeliner has a multipurpose effect on the face, giving a designed look to women and making them stand unique in the crowd.

It can be a perfect gift for the woman, giving intense coloring and a stunning look to the face. The brand of this eyeliner is Emirde, and only adults can use it with care. The cons of this product are this eyeliner may turn flaky and sheer.


When looking for colored eyeliner, always go for the brand, which gives a cost-effective result and can be multipurpose. The product is highly sold and used by women on special occasions. The customer, after using the product, shares their valuable feedback and recommendation.

The product is top-rated on the online platform; therefore, buying it through the best colored eyeliners should be suitable for all the stunning and glazing looks of the customer. The article describes the useful feedback of different shades of eyeliner which comes in varieties and multipurpose use.